Play is a modular instrument that lets you swap 4 unique Play Pads to suit your creation style. 

Each pad has a unique feature suited to the instruments you want to play whether you want to control velocity, vibrato or aftertouch and a fretboard with 6 strings and 9 frets for any string instrument.


The Play board is the perfect studio companion for your next big track. Play comes with 4 silicon modules to play keys, guitar and bass, drums and percussion. 

It automatically recognizes which module is placed on the board to easily make rhythm, chords and melodies. 

Music shouldn't be a luxury

Music isn't only a great hobby, it's a great creative outlet and keeps the mind busy. Less than 15% of us play an instrument or make music. Why? Because it can be complicated or we don't have the time to learn.

Now, music is no more a luxury. Joué Play simplifies music creation.

With Joué PLAY, everybody can create music!


- Put a module on the Board and it appears immediately on the App screen. 

- Select your sound and play, it's that easy! Make loops on the fly and create your track in a snap. 

- Add as many instruments as you want and share your creation with your friends. 

*available for iOS devices, Windows PC & Mac


Joué Play is the perfect device to start playing music. Thanks to its innovative Magic Module concept, you're able to play music immediately. Then, the learning curve is much faster than an traditional instrument. The learning sessions will help you to play the music you love.


Joué Play includes professional sound libraries coupled with a synced loop based software which make it perfect to produce tracks in a snap. Once you start a project in the Joué App, you can export the MIDI clips to any popular DAW and use the Joué as a standard MIDI controller.       

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